Welcome to Mystic Empyrean!

This campaign is for all my Portland and post-Portland friends to play together in a sometimes in-person, sometimes long-distance game of storytelling and worldbuilding. I’m seeding the wiki with a few starting realms and characters, and we can expand from here!

After our first few sessions, it seems like the best structure for this game is to have one player create a realm and serve as the main GM for adventures happening there, with their Eidolon taking a backseat while they narrate NPC actions. As we grow more comfortable with the system and the realms, we’ll be able to share control more fluidly.

Please fill out the wiki with information about your characters, items, and realms. Tag your pages with some semblance of consistency so we can keep it organized as it grows. If you add pictures (and you should!) then attribute their creators and give some lip service to intellectual property laws. Please no direct quotes from the rulebook, though I think the text of the free preview is probably fair game as long as we link to it.

I’m looking forward to playing with all of you, and I hope this will be a great adventure for everyone!

The banner image features artwork by Katrina Lin (and others?) and is shamelessly stolen from the “Advertisements” album of the Mystic Empyrean page on Facebook.