Mystic Empyrean

Third Session
Big Adventure, Tiny People

Players: Horatio, Meg, Omegus No-Name, Isra, Muhsina Dorijan

Since several players were missing from the previous session and a few new ones were added, we decided that some time had passed since the previous session, enough to change up the cast and explore our surroundings. Two of us had decided that their characters (Horatio and Megarium) both hailed from Nivlem, and chose that as the setting for the next adventure.

Like all realms, Nivlem has a corresponding portal in Nexus, but in discussing the relative scale of the worlds we realized that the original inhabitants of the realm would have been too large to enter the grand city. Instead, they constructed a “reception area” in their world that was scaled down to accomodate Nascent from other realms. This is where our characters entered.

After spending some time describing the surroundings (it was very palatial, like “a combination of Versailles and the DMV”) our characters made their way down the enormous, overgrown staircase to the wide floor. Muhsina attempted to fix a computerized map of the area but only succeeded in deactivating the sound-canceling field protecting the reception area from giants’ booming voices. Meg was unfamiliar with the outside world in this realm (never having left the Library), but Horatio reasoned that if he could get high enough, he could determine which way civilization might lie.

Outside in the cobblestone plaza there was a giant oak tree as well as several ruined structures that appeared to have been supports and elevators allowing normal-sized Nascent to enter buildings around the square. The elevators wouldn’t bring people high enough, so the characters decided to climb the tree. With giant blades of grass as well as plants grown from Isra’s footsteps, they constructed a rope that No-Name was able to bring to the upper branches by walking horizontally up the trunk.

From his vantage point on top of the tree Horatio located the Nivlem Library far in the distance, but the characters needed to seek shelter from the coming rainstorm. Omegus Prime transformed himself into a rifle for No-Name to shoot down an enormous squirrel, and then a chainsword to cut it up. Meanwhile, Horatio and Muhsina tore up the elevator contraptions around the square and repurposed them into a pushcart to help with transportation.

With sustenance found and conveyance fashioned, the group retreated back to the reception area from the giant drops of rain. They decided that it would be better to stop off in another realm to get a few pieces to upgrade the cart before using it to travel overland.

Second Session
Creating & Becoming

This session included Horatio, Megarium, Xan, Omegus Prime, and Krekrowis. The main GM was Krekowis.

Xan and Krekowis had jointly created the realm of Pontus prior to the session and wanted to give it a spin. We all created Eidolons from scratch by developing creeds and concepts, then choosing one persona trait from each of the five categories (personality, vice, virtue, drawback, talent). Four traits were set at the Superficial level, and one trait was given only a single dot of emergence.

In this session our characters were all simultaneously transported at their moment of ascension to a rocky outcropping floating in space (retconned to be part of Nexus) with a portal to Pontus. Determining that their new purpose in life was to recreate Empyrean and realizing that means to this end lay behind the portal, they stepped through.

Krekowis was a native Nascent of Pontus, so she directed the party to the grand library there, where they could learn more. After a confrontation with the living marble guards at the library entrance, the party met Sand, Guardian of Falling Library, a representative of Librarium Omnibus in Pontus. He explained that the party was meant to help uncover the secrets of the Empyrean Key recently discovered deep beneath the sea.

Omegus experimented with the key and discovered that it could be used to slice open shards of reality, exposing a world of endless stairs and bridges. After some discussion the players decided that this realm was Nexus, the center of Empyrean and home of Grand Cornerstone. Most of the rest of the session was taken up in out-of-character discussion on the nature of the realm.

First session
Trying Things Out

We played with several friends who were in town for Thanksgiving, all of whom were playing for the first time. In lieu of creating Eidolons from scratch we decided to play as Nitari on the cusp of ascendance, deciding to allocate personality emergence points at the end of the session.

We chose the central conflict of the session to be a book burning. Lord Gharl’s guards had declared certain items from off-realm as dangerous contraband, and so ordered them destroyed. The PCs all had varying degrees in interest in these books (ranging from the academic pursuit of knowledge to the desire to turn a quick profit) and so they resisted the guards. When a riot started, the PCs attempted to save what books they could and protect the populace.

Setting the game in Nitar was a good choice because no one was under pressure to create a realm without knowing the system. Starting out as Nascent with no Anima in our personal balances was less of a good idea, since it made it very difficult to succeed at any actions. Still, we struggled on and had a good time.


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