Mystic Empyrean

First session

Trying Things Out

We played with several friends who were in town for Thanksgiving, all of whom were playing for the first time. In lieu of creating Eidolons from scratch we decided to play as Nitari on the cusp of ascendance, deciding to allocate personality emergence points at the end of the session.

We chose the central conflict of the session to be a book burning. Lord Gharl’s guards had declared certain items from off-realm as dangerous contraband, and so ordered them destroyed. The PCs all had varying degrees in interest in these books (ranging from the academic pursuit of knowledge to the desire to turn a quick profit) and so they resisted the guards. When a riot started, the PCs attempted to save what books they could and protect the populace.

Setting the game in Nitar was a good choice because no one was under pressure to create a realm without knowing the system. Starting out as Nascent with no Anima in our personal balances was less of a good idea, since it made it very difficult to succeed at any actions. Still, we struggled on and had a good time.


ElAdoran Timephilosopher

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