Horatio Haberstrom

Tinkerer and lover


Arclight (Ingenious, Electricity, Superficial)
Horatio can release electric currents from his hands that can shock others or jumpstart machinery.

Crystalline (Lucid, Electricity, Superficial)
Horatio’s skin is studded with small crystals, which can emit light at a thought.

Artificially Sustained (Obsessive, Electricity, Superficial)
Horatio hungers for crystals, which he requires to live.

Spiral (Unstable, Fire, Superficial)
Horatio can spin himself into a whirlwind at a great expense of energy.

Magnetic (Lustful, Fire, Emerging)
Horatio has no powers associated with this persona trait yet.


Prior to his ascension as an Eidolon, Horatio Haberstrom was an elderly man from Nivlem where he was a member of the tinkering class. He had no immediate family but entertained a few lovers who were attracted to his quick mind and deft hands. He loved to work with his hands and create small inventions. Though he was very skilled, his talents were not highly valued by the Nascent of Nivlem, who prized pure research over applied science.

On becoming an Eidolon, Horatio retained his gray hair and bushy white moustache, but became more spry and physically fit. He appears to be a very healthy man much younger than his actual years. His skin is dotted with small crystals of many colors, and his fingernails are fine sheets of quartz. When examined from a certain angle, his eyes appear to be solid globes of amethyst.

Horatio appreciates concert music and disapproves of sweet smells. He will casually lick or gnaw at any precious stones he encounters. He is unpredictable in his actions but uncompromising once he has set upon a course.


  1. Creation is the truest form of expression.
  2. Everything can be improved.
  3. If it can’t stand on its own merits, it can’t stand.

Image is Sebastian Nemo from Privaterr Press, painted by Jolly Roger Studios.

Horatio Haberstrom

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