Megarium Llewelyn

Reference Librarian, Second Class

Bound (Dutiful, Light, Superficial)

Meg’s hands are often folded calmly in front of her, bound by silk cord bookmarks that wind their way up her arms.

Light Eater (Pessimistic, Electricity, Superficial)

Though her eyes seem to shimmer and glow, light always seems a little dimmer around Meg.

Hand Cannon (Headstrong, Fire, Superficial)

Elemental energy flows from small openings in Meg’s palms. When pressed she may release this energy in a powerful burst.

Words Within (Academic, Light, Superficial)

Meg’s skin swirls and flows with ink, forming words and glyphs in languages past, present, and future.


  1. Everything has a place
  2. Knowledge must be returned
  3. Even a man who has nothing can still offer knowledge

Megarium Llewelyn


Megarium Llewelyn

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