Muhsina Dorijan

Mechanic of the Universe


Clockwork (Meticulous, Superficial)
Muhsina’s body is a combination of human and clockwork. Her left arm is covered in metal scales as well as parts of her neck. She also has a mechanical dragon tail tipped with a razor sharp blade.

Dragonlike (Pride, Superficial)
Muhsina bears dragonlike mechanical scales and tail.

Indeterminate Size (Excitable, Superficial)
When experiencing any sort of strong emotion, Muhsina uncontrollably grows in size.

Sure of Foot (Confidence, Emerging)

Torn Apart (Regretful, Superficial)
Muhsina bears terrible scars and occasionally falls apart at inopportune times.


Muhsina was an engine mechanic on a long-haul cargo spaceship before her ascension. Certain events in her past that lead to her decision to commit to such a lonely career left her with a deep sense of regret that she cannot shake. Turning to her work for solace, she became a remarkably competent mechanic, relating to machines better than to people. Her skills made her prideful, but deservedly so.

As an Eidolon, she has taken on the role of “Mechanic of the Universe”, meddling in the lives of lesser beings in an attempt to “fix” them, but often her meddling causes more problems than it solves.


1. I can fix that.
2. Machines are the purest form of life.
3. If you can’t do it right, don’t do it at all.

Muhsina Dorijan

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