Omnidextrous (Opportunistic, Fire, Superficial)
No-Name’s feet are actually a second set of hands, though he usually keeps them concealed within his specially-designed boots to give him a surprise advantage against enemies.

Living Weapon (Bloodthirsty, Fire, Superficial)
No matter how thoroughly he is searched, No-name always seems to have guns hidden all about his person.

Kinetic (Fair, Air, Emerging)
No-name’s powers associated with this persona have not yet developed.

Inverse (Contrarian, Stone, Superficial)
No-name can orient his individual gravity to any object he chooses, giving him the ability to walk along walls and ceilings.

Featherweight (Dishonorable, Electricity, Superficial)
Despite appearing as an adult male of normal size and build, No-name weighs approximately 20 pounds, and can be pushed and thrown about very easily

Resourceful +1 dot to opportunistic, +1 Bloodthirsty



1. No ruler besides myself.

2. Survival by whatever means necessary.

3. The only true victory is over a worthy opponent.

In a particularly unpleasant corner of reality sits the world of Perdition, a desert wasteland dotted with cities and settlements built up around deep wells drilled into the rock. These settlements are ruled over by robber-barons who are worshiped as gods, and who use their control over the water supply to subjugate the populace. The robber-barons enforce their will through their cadres of hired gunslingers, and any man or woman fast enough on the draw can earn a cushy living behind the walls of a baron’s estate, provided they’re willing to pay for it in corpses.

Throughout the deserts of Perdition, legend grew of a wandering gunfighter beholden to no master, who dealt death wherever he went according to his own peculiar code, facing down and killing the deadliest men and women the world had to offer. No one knows for sure if the man or the legend came first. What people do know is that eventually an Eidolon appeared in the shape of the gunfighter, and he was a hero and a terror across Perdition until finally he wandered off the edge of the world. Some say he was off in search of far greater opponents, while others say the robber-barons combined their resources to hire the one man in the cosmos that he feared to bring them back his head. But all believe that he’ll return to Perdition someday, dead or alive.


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