The Seeker



  • Doubt is golden.
  • Acquiring knowledge is the highest good.
  • Do not ask of others that which you are unwilling to do yourself.

Third Eye (Curious, Darkness, Superficial)
Xan has a third eye that roams his body. It can detect other eidolons at great distance and reveals information about them.

Festival (Jubilant, Light, Superficial)
Xan’s hands are dusted with carbon from laser burns and he constantly smells of roasting meat and cheap bourbon. With a snap he can light candles and ignite fuses.

Words Within (Academic, Light, Superficial)
Xan’s whole body is covered with shifting, alien runes just below the surface of his skin. He can read every single written language except this one. He fears that someday, he’ll learn what it says.

Ashen Flesh (Callous, Darkness, Superficial)
Xan’s skin is a pallid and grey. He can no longer feel pain.

Edible (Collusive, Water, Emerging)
At this level, Xan just tastes slightly better than the average person. If he keeps giving in, though, soon he may be downright delicious.


Once an “archaeologist” from a far-future realm, Xan seems far more interested in exploring the manifold wonders of the multiverse than rebuilding it.


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