Grand Cornerstone Shrine

Broken obelisk

The physical manifestation of the realms, paradigms, and conceits of Empyrean, Grand Cornerstone is a towering obelisk enshrined in the center of Nexus. Hanging unsupported in the exact physical center of Nexus, it stands thousands of feet high and dwarfs every other structure in the realm. In its current state the obelisk is fractured and incomplete, but every cornerstone’s rediscovery lends more physical presence to Grand Cornerstone itself.

In the days of Old Empyrean, Grand Cornerstone Shrine was created to house the obelisk’s attendants and accentuate its glory. As Nascent and Eidolons from across Empyrean were drawn to the central realm, they exerted their own artistic influences on its construction. At different ages the Shrine has been a palace, a garden, and even a holy brothel. Today the Shrine is a ruin, nearly invisible from the stairs and bridges of Nexus as it is obscured by the fog of Aether.

The cause of the calamity that led to the shattering of Grand Cornerstone is unknown, but its aftereffects are all too apparent. Aether has crept in through the cracks in the world, infiltrating the very fabric of Nexus itself. As each realm is discovered and integrated into the patchwork lands of Empyrean, however, the mist is pushed back and darkness is abated.

Image by Curtis Cron via flickr.

Grand Cornerstone Shrine

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