Don hazeltine benalish heralds

“Nascent” is the name given to the various indigenous peoples of Empyrean’s realms. Nascent are less than Eidolons but more than animals. They possess all the qualities of civilization: intelligence, culture, morality, emotions—as well as the potential to become Eidolons. (In fact, most Eidolons begin their existence as Nascent.)

Most realms are home to a single type of Nascent, though some might be empty and others might hold as many as three or four. Nascent who share their realm with other types will still identify more strongly with their own tribes, and the interaction between the tribes defines the cultural landscape.

Nascent are generally human-shaped, but there are countless exceptions to the rule. As a realm is shaped by its balance of Anima, so are its inhabitants shaped by their realm. Nascent tend to exhibit characteristics that personify their native realms, either physically (Nascent in a cold, icy realm might have fur and claws) or ideologically (Nascent in a realm of isolated mountaintops might be hermits).

Despite their different appearances and presentations, Nascent are generally able to communicate and interbreed, much like humans of different races.

Image is “Benalish Heralds” by Donald Hazeltine.


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