Nitar: City of Steam

As the sun rises, the city thinks of its people and their purpose, and what their destiny must be—to toil forever as gears in the belly of a great machine.

Nitar is a vast metropolis that towers up into the sky, and reaches its roots deep into the earth, and into history. One of the last places to survive the cataclysm that tore the world asunder, Nitar has been continually built and rebuilt atop itself for hundreds of years.

The city’s upper classes live in the high spires of the walled city, while the lower classes and riffraff inhabit the more terrestrial layers. Subhuman creatures, monstrosities, and other horrors are sealed away within the catacombs beneath the city, which are off limits to ordinary citizens.

Vital Statistics

  • Population: Around 1.4 million
  • Area: The city has 5 populated strata, the largest of which is around 12 square miles in area. The lower levels are of indeterminate size.
  • Technology: Steam-tech in the upper layers, though the lower layers may have different, antiquated or lost technologies.
  • Government: Representative. Guild leaders and politicians make laws, but the guild of laws and law enforcement has been increasing its power disproportionately as of late, causing worry for some.
  • Culture: The varied strata of the city have vastly different cultures. Higher levels have amenities like libraries, museums, and hospitals. Lower levels are dotted with military outposts, arenas, and bazaars.

Nascent Tribes and Prominent NPCs

Lord Gharl, the Devourer
Lady Belanya, Mistress of Blades
Lamarck, Ubiquitous Merchant

The average citizens of the city are a tribe of Nascent called the Nitari. While Eidolons are very common in the city, the Nitari are by far the dominant populace. These beings appear as petite, rotund humans with tanned skin and milky white eyes. They generally have dark hair, and wear clothing adorned with all manner of jewelry and anything else that will shine.

The Nitari have a magpie-like love of jewels and gold, and adorn their structures with grand statues, gold leaf overlays, and beautiful ornaments. Though few of their goods, clothing, and tools have real value or practical use, all products developed within the city have an exquisite and expensive look.

The Nitari have sharp ears and eyes for detail, though they cannot see well at long distances, and many use glasses, binoculars, or spyglasses in daily life. They are an industrious lot, and value individual initiative and creativity. Most of the jewelry and clothing in Nitar is created by the Nitari themselves, working out of their homes and trading with their neighbors. Because of this, each district of the city has its own fashions and styles.


Fire 4   Terrain: Caverns
Light 2   Technology: Steam
Electricity 4   Government: Plutocracy
Water 2   Wildlife: Aberrant
Stone 2   Culture: Industrious
Darkness 2   Society: Great City
Air 5   Creed: Ritualistic

(Most of the text on this page is copied from the preview copy of Mystic Empyrean available for free on DriveThruRPG.)


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