Pandoran technology

Before the Cataclysm, the grey mist known as Aether did not exist in Empyrean. Following the shattering of Grand Cornerstone, Aether crept in to the cracks in the world and swallowed whole realms.

Many Nascent feared its presence—which was a safe and healthy reaction, given the extreme dangers it presented. But some foolhardy souls chose to embrace and explore the Aether’s potential for power. A few were able to make significant progress, but most were consumed by the process, vanishing like the lost giants of Nivlem.

Technology made possible by Aether is called “Pandoran” because its benefits are accompanied by a host of unsettling effects. A lamp that burns Pandoran fuel shines cleanly and brightly—but somehow seems to deepen the shadows it casts. Much can be gained by using tools inspired by Aether, but always at a cost.

Known Variants & Uses of Pandoran Tech

The creatures of Tîr наˈnäg use Pandoran Tech known as “Magick.” This is often confused with “real” magic, and serves a similar role in the realm as its mystic counterpart would be assumed to.

Pandoran technology

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