Pontus: The Endless Sea

“The City is the center of an endless sea which stretches far beyond the horizon; far beyond even the knowledge of the Gods.”


Floating several hundred meters above an endless ocean which stretches further than most people have an imagination for, is Pontus—an elegant city of delicate arches, sweeping vistas, exotic wildlife, and sparkling freshwater streams and rivers which spill from the floating rock and cascade down to the deep blue below.

The Falling City, so nicknamed because of its beautiful and myriad waterfalls which constantly flow, this Realm gives the visitor an impression of a strong society that has reached the pinnacle of its perfection. The architecture is beautiful, its people are winged humanoids of above average beauty and intellect who prize higher thought and order. It has reached a Golden Age of harmony with the world around it in which it no longer needs to exploit the resources of the Realm to survive.

There are Nascent, however, who can tell you a different story. The Wingless are a lower class of citizen who see—much more clearly than their winged counterparts—that this world is already deteriorating through stagnation. The order has become stifling, the rules have solidified, and the city itself slowly falls towards the ocean below; where it will be buried beneath the waters.

They know that this world is slowly decaying: even if it is a very beautiful decay.

Nascent Tribes and Prominent NPCs

The Winged

The Winged are the ranking members of the society on Pontus. They glide from one small floating isle to another, fly up to The Great Library for intellectual feasts, and are the unopposed rulers of the floating city.

The Wingless

These nascent are considered a lower class (and treated as such) due to their inability to travel from one island to another. Over the years this has developed into a strict class system where Wingless are more often servants and laborers (although many of these daily tasks are taken care of by the far advanced technologies of Pontus).


Notably, there are several Eidelons who live on Pontus taking care of its vast libraries (and most importantly: The Great Library). The highest ranking of these is Sand the Guardian of the Falling Library.


Places & Events

The Great [Falling] Library

One of the largest and most well-cared for libraries left in all the Realms, this Library orbits above the main city of Pontus—connected by a slim bridge.

The Fires of Feasting

A spring event which still has some excitement to it. Mostly celebrated by Wingless and low-class Winged.


Fire 2   Terrain: Seaside
Light 5   Technology: Thaumics
Electricity 3   Government: Meritocracy
Water 5   Wildlife: Exotic
Stone 2   Culture: Ascetic
Darkness 2   Society: Woundrous
Air 2   Creed: Rational
Pure Anima 1  
Aether 1  

“Floating Island” image by Alice Lee via aliceleegraphics.com
“Image Title” image by Artist via website


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