Veles: The Sea of Stars

As the stars grow dark, so do the thoughts of men. And the stars in Veles have been dark for a long, long time.

Veles was once vast beyond measure. This realm held hundreds of stars separated by unfathomable emptiness. However, as the Aether crept in, Veles’s horizons closed in. Hundreds of stars orbited by thousands of worlds were consumed by the creeping Aether. Now, all that remains is a single, dying star orbited by a space station built into the hollows of an ancient asteroid. The few nacent who remain are those with the skills and the will to survive.


Millions died in the wake of the Cataclysm and those few that survived were forever altered by the now omnipresent Aether. The nacent of Veles are tall, pale, and lithe from their many years amongst the stars. They are a naturally suspicious people and seem predisposed to larceny and deceit.

Ideas ‘n’ Such

If this world seems interesting to you, dump some ideas here. I’ll look through them and judge you accordingly! ;-)


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