Lady Belanya, Mistress of Blades

Hard-hearted leader of Nitar's Guild of Defense


Bound (Dutiful)

Endless Knives (Relentless)

Indestructible (Determined)


Belanya is the guildmaster of the Nitari guild of defense and security. Her soldiers are in charge of the yearly culling of dangerous creatures in the sewers, and for this event she commonly hires adventurers to head down into the depths of the undercity to deal with the creatures there when they grow too numerous.

Though well-liked by her soldiers, Belanya is viewed with disdain by the lower classes of Nitar, since her job also includes dispersing riots and enforcing order.

Belanya is bound with heavy chains, which are strung with hundreds of knives of every shape and description. She can wield these chains with deadly efficiency in combat, and her body is completely indestructible.

(Most of the text on this page is copied from the preview copy of Mystic Empyrean available for free on DriveThruRPG.)

Lady Belanya, Mistress of Blades

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