Lord Gharl, the Devourer

Power-hungry leader of Nitar's Guild of Law



Living Trap (Entitlement)

Insatiate Jaws (Gluttony)

Treasure Box (Secretive)


Gharl is the leader of the Guild of Law within Nitar, and is a collector of cornerstones with ambitions to build his own world. As a collector, Gharl would happily sponsor any excursion to acquire a cornerstone, so long as the stone reaches his hands in the end.

Though sympathetic to the plights of the people of Nitar, Gharl’s increased control over life in the city, even for the better, has drawn sharp criticism from political rivals.

Gharl’s entire body is able to open like a trap, swallowing other Eidolons inside. While he has an Eidolon swallowed in this way, he has access to all of that being’s powers.

(Most of the text on this page is copied from the preview copy of Mystic Empyrean available for free on DriveThruRPG.)

Lord Gharl, the Devourer

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