Lamarck, Ubiquitous Merchant

Opulent leader of Nitar's Merchant Guild


Gilded (Greed)

Festival (Jubilant)

Edible (Collusive)


An enterprising merchant with an eye for opportunity, Lamarck is well known within the mercantile districts of Nitar, and in the surrounding areas. He sees the possibility of more realms in the world as a business opportunity, and would gladly sponsor any effort which might increase the affluence of his city, family, and guild.

Lamarck can turn things that he touches to gold, and can create fireworks with a snap of his fingers. He loves to party, throws lavish festivals for no reason at all, and is well liked by just about everyone in Nitar, except political rivals who seek to curb his wealth and influence.

(Most of the text on this page is copied from the preview copy of Mystic Empyrean available for free on DriveThruRPG.)

Lamarck, Ubiquitous Merchant

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